SMART DOOR LOCK T1 Love at First Touch


SMART DOOR LOCK T1 Love at First Touch


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product description
The minimalist geometric shape design combined with the integrated metal casting process, combined with the physical grade deep tempered glass panel, revolutionizes the new aesthetics of smart door locks.

Basic parameters
Power supply: 10 batteries No. 5 (5 batteries as a group)
Door opening method: password, fingerprint, APP, key
Lock body type: standard lock body, overlord lock body
Communication protocol: ZigBee / Bluetooth

Reservation Plan
1. Applicable door thickness: 50mm-120mm
2. Applicable categories: wooden doors, anti-theft doors, copper doors
3. The door lock installation master opens the hole according to the opening template
4. The size of the side buckle plate of the door lock needs to be measured on site to confirm the lock body model

Wiring plan
a. Battery powered, no wiring required


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