Smart Lock S2 / 安全武士 鎖中貴族

Smart Lock S2 / 安全武士 鎖中貴族


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前面板尺寸:337mm*67mm*71.3mm(含把手高度) 後面板尺寸:337mm*67mm*71.3mm(含把手高度) 導向板尺寸:24mm*240mm*3mm(標配) 工作溫度:-20℃~60℃ 工作濕度:10%~90% 工作電壓:7.5V 門鎖材料:鋅合金+不銹鋼+鋼化玻璃


1.適用門厚尺寸:50mm-120mm 2.適用門類:木門、防盜門、銅門 3.由門鎖安裝師傅根據開孔範本開孔 4.現場需測量門鎖側扣板尺寸,確認鎖體型號





Product description:

S2 selects the Auto smart lock cylinder integrated with electromechanics to ensure home safety from the inside to the outside. It is also equipped with an encrypted main control processor, an independent chip is configured inside the lock cylinder, and the mature Swedish FPC semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology is used to lock the main line of defense for door lock safety.

Basic parameters

Front panel size: 337mm*67mm*71.3mm (including handle height) Rear panel size: 337mm*67mm*71.3mm (including handle height) Guide plate size: 24mm*240mm*3mm (standard) Working temperature: -20℃~ 60℃ Working humidity: 10%~90% Working voltage: 7.5V Door lock material: zinc alloy + stainless steel + tempered glass

Reserved plan

1. Applicable door thickness: 50mm-120mm 2. Applicable doors: wooden doors, anti-theft doors, copper doors 3. The door lock installer opens holes according to the opening template 4. The size of the side buckle plate of the door lock needs to be measured on site to confirm the lock body model

Wiring scheme

Battery powered, no wiring required

Warranty period

3 Years

Additional information

Weight 6.6 kg
Dimensions 458 × 114 × 328 cm


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