Smart light strip (wifi version) Intelligent Symphony of Lights / 智能幻彩燈帶

Smart light strip (wifi version) Intelligent Symphony of Lights / 智能幻彩燈帶


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Product form: power supply + drive + light belt, one-piece molding, plug and play, connect the mobile APP through WiFi to control the color remotely.

Product electrical parameters: 220V to 12V.
Number of lamp beads: 72 / m 36 RGB lamp beads, 36 white lamp beads
Length: 2 meters fixed length, can not be spliced and extended, can be freely cut.

Product function: 1. You can control the color of the light belt by mobile APP to adjust the color
2. Different modes can be set to achieve different effects, such as: candle light dinner-the light strip turns red, and then the light strip starts to blink like candle light. Neon mode-automatically change the color of the light, the rate can be adjusted

Application scenario:
1. Movie watching scene: Behind the TV set, realize the atmosphere of watching movies.
2. Play the game scene: the computer desk is the main game user to achieve a perfect chicken eating atmosphere.
3. The baby’s bedroom scenario: under the cradle, without hurting the eyes.
4. Bedside scene: fun, pop scene atmosphere.
5. Below the cabinet: as supplementary lighting.


產品形態:電源+驅動+燈帶 一體成型,即插即用,通過WiFi連接手機APP可遠程控制調節顏色。

燈珠數量:72顆/米 RGB燈珠36顆,白光燈珠36顆

產品功能:1.可以手機APP 控制燈帶調節顏色

2.玩遊戲場景:電腦桌 主打遊戲用戶 實現完美的吃雞氛圍。


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