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SUNET(新網通訊科技)成立於2007年。主要業務是為企業單位及家庭提供一站式的通信服務及物聯網產品, 包括智能家居及辦公室通訊系統及服務。



SUNET (SUNET Communication Technology) was established in 2007. The main business is to provide one-stop communication services and IoT products for enterprises and families, including smart home and office communication systems and services.

Office communication-such as telephone system, international conference call (voice, data, video three in one), China 400 enterprise switchboard, Internet fax, mobile phone SMS platform and other innovative services that combine traditional telecommunications and the Internet.

Intelligent System-SUNET is a professional provider of Internet of Things products and solutions. For many years, it has been responding quickly to customer needs, providing integrated solutions, products and services, and doing its best to help customers strengthen their security capabilities and continue to create a safer and more orderly society. living environment. Products and solutions cover professional video surveillance, sensor detection, vehicle assisted driving, intelligent analysis and other fields. SUNET has established long-term strategic partnerships with some well-known international companies, and has formed a very stable and benign interaction in the entire process of product design, development, application and service.

IOT Smart Home System


SmartHome system, relying on advanced ZigBee technology, easily build your new smart home life. According to your life needs, intelligently link each device to build your own personalized smart home system. In addition, you can also set up a wealth of timing functions according to your life and work habits. And you can switch the scene mode with one key to easily meet the needs of life, allowing you to enjoy a different home atmosphere.

Smart Home
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Businss Communication

其通信系通於2004年正式投入服務, 並致力專注於互聯網的下一代通信(NGN)產品服務及市場開拓,擁有中國工業和資訊化部授權許可的全國電信增值服務經營許可, 獲得科技創新專項基金投入,是中國領先的一站式通信服務提供商。

擁有全國200多個城市的電信號碼資源,其中國電子傳真是全國首創的網路傳真運營平臺,擁有百萬級註冊企業用戶。 與國內基礎電信運營商 - 中國移動、中國電信、中國聯通合作,基於他們的骨幹網路,為客戶提供優良的通信服務。

Its communication system was officially put into service in 2004, and it is committed to focusing on the Internet's next-generation communication (NGN) product services and market development. It has a national telecom value-added service license authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and has obtained a special scientific and technological innovation project. Fund investment is China's leading one-stop communications service provider.

With telecom number resources in more than 200 cities across the country, its China Electronic Fax is the country's first Internet fax operation platform, with millions of registered corporate users. Cooperate with domestic basic telecom operators-China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom to provide customers with excellent communication services based on their backbone networks.